Sunday, 26 January 2014

Briefly - The Beauty Strip

Let's start with some food for thought...

"Lamenting the decline of the once "venerable leg-shows", it opined : "Since the striptease bit of midway hocus-pocus started turning burlesque into a peep show about ten years ago, the dank, dead attitude of the audience and the foulness of the comedy have very nearly destroyed the revelry that at one time was both coarse and wholesome and much prized for an occasional night out of bounds. Burlesque was at one time lively fooling"
-from "Behind the G-string: An exploration of the Stripper's Image, Her Person and Her Meaning" by David A. Scott.

"The stripper puts on her audience by taking off her clothes..."
-Marshall McLuhan.

...and now get into Ginnetta Correli's The Beauty Strip (the trailer is definitely of the NSFW variety...)

The actual description from the Marshmallow Press productions site suggests a "cinéma-vérité film about individual erotic perception featuring soundtrack by electronica sound artists...headphones and sedatives suggested." Well, yes ...I agree headphones would be a good idea.

Just under an hour long, The Beauty Strip is largely a cyber-burlesque mind-fuck music video-ish performance collection featuring several different women with a few direct documentary interludes. The performance pieces (and the women in them) create varying degrees of interest, beyond any skin deep concerns.

As one of the character's recites, "Individuality is a very complex thing" and that pretty much sums up how each different viewer will regard this project. From my end? -  the film strikes me as an attempt, on one hand, to return to playful exploration regarding sexuality and eroticism from a thinking perspective rather than just groin heat - hence my reference to burlesque above. But the ever present filter of a camcorder viewfinder with its "rec" light lit up on screen brings about the realization that the focus is less on the identities of its subjects and more on its viewers - right, Mr. McLuhan? Was this exploration worthwhile? - yes, for the most part. Was 58 minutes long enough? - actually, even as a short feature it felt rather padded.

Being offered on demand, that trailer actually gives you a good idea of what to expect from the film , if you feel like checking it out yourself.

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